No guidance for the future!

My name is Chris and I am a full-time Wedding DJ. With the exception of hotel Xmas parties and prom nights I do exclusively DJ for weddings.

I won’t go on about what has happened as I am sure everyone is aware – basically the shutters have been pulled down on our business.

The hardest aspect for me is, aside from the financial implications, we have no roadmap or guidance, so, therefore, can’t plan ahead. I sent out a quick email to the couples I have booked who have had to rearrange their wedding day (Over 100 weddings) and almost every couple replied to say the most difficult challenge they are facing is not knowing when they will be allowed to go ahead with their big day and is causing a lot of anxiety problems.

Many couples have rearranged their wedding, and now have to rearrange again.

As a wedding DJ, it seems that every government announcement is made in a way to make things more difficult. Local lockdowns could create a real roadblock as couples have guests from around the country attending, as well as suppliers from different areas. When weddings are allowed to return, these local lockdowns could create serious problems which again encourage people not to plan for their big day.

The latest announcement, for me, was terrible, even insulting. Smaller weddings of up to 30 people can go ahead but NO entertainment (with the exception of background music). Thankfully my 2020 diary has almost completely been postponed already BUT this announcement could signal the end of a lot of entertainment businesses. Not only have we had NO business support, but now we face the prospect of people who have booked asking for refunds and deciding to go ahead with a smaller wedding and no entertainment.

No income and people wanting refunds just is not sustainable.

I do not want to insult anyone, but I think it is fair to say most DJs (and wedding suppliers as a whole) are not great business people, instead of people with a passion they have managed to turn into a business to support themselves and their families. Larger businesses with a lot of financial government assistance, advisors, solicitors etc have not survived less than 3 months without trading – we are now at 5 months and no idea when we can start again. Even worse is within the wedding industry, people rearrange 3 months+ in advance so even when we get the green light, we have another 3 months+ to wait.

A longer wait to return than most businesses, without any help or support !!

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