I’ve lost quite a bit of money!

In March it was announced as a lockdown. I had my last gig on that Thurs night. Thursday night was quiz night in a local (ish pub). It was a lot quieter than normal. Anyways got through it and little did I know about the weeks and months to come.

On the Friday I had a meal out and again little did I know what was to come. I thought ahh by June we will be back working, will have had the best rest but I’ll be ready. Odd Fridays and Saturdays I work for my agent either doing tribute nights to 70s 80s or 90s at village hotels usually in fancy dress clobber to anything from 50 people up to 350 people at maximum. Or sometimes it can be a wedding or a standard tribute night with an act. They’re usually really good fun and the staff look
After you and I go home smiling. Sunday afternoons I do a karaoke afternoon at a very busy local conservative club. It has an average age of 142 but nevertheless I love it. They look after me. The old ladies bring me homemade pies.

Anyways May/June came and I’m itching to get back. By this time I’ve lost quite a bit of money.  My main job is a primary school teacher. I applied for the government grant but because I’d earned more teaching than the gigs I was doing (i’m not a high-end DJ even reaching anything close to what other DJs get), I wouldn’t qualify. All a numbers game. Fair enough. Can’t cry over what could have been… so I thought I need to get a job.

I rang a friend and he got me a job cleaning an empty warehouse at night. Mon to Fri. (It’s killed me). I’ve gone from entertaining lots of people in a suit and even teaching children and to being in trackies cleaning toilets and warehouse floors. But I’ve done it for me. I had to act fast to get some money rolling in.

I’ve had my DJ equipment out in the house. I’ve categorised all my hard drives. I’ve resprayed grills on speakers and everything is hung/put away extra careful in the lockup. I’ve had enquiries about house parties to which I’ve turned down. When the time is right and Boris says its safe for us to come out again, ill come back twice as prepared, back with vengeance.

Yes, I’ve lost thousands but I’ve tried to make the best of the bad situation. DJ flash will be back. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow but soon. I hope all other DJs and entertainers are coping and wish them all well and hope they can to come out of this strong.


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