Feeling deflated AGAIN

We are a small limited company with two managing directors (myself and my wife, equal shares) but plough all the money back into the business (as good companies should) so no PAYE paid to either of us, not self-employed so no grants available whatsoever. So the smallest glimmer of hope of some work (all £30 (less tax) of it) has been kicked out again yesterday.  The only work I have done since mid-March (less than £150 less tax) is still outstanding on invoice.  Will need to wait another 30/60 days for that payment.

I reckon as a DJ/hire company I might as well give up trying to get work until April 2021 😔 Feeling deflated AGAIN. I just want what others have been given (rightfully or wrongly). Or at least some guild lines on how the Government expects us to run a business/pay bills/live with £0.00 coming into my (hard-working, genuine and fully paid up on taxes/VAT/Corp tax) limited company. I even gave them over  £6k in tax last month. I know lives are being lost but I also know, like most of you, people that have ‘done OK’ out of this, one even buying a boat thanks to Boris.

I can’t work out how HMRC can tell me what I owe them soon enough, but cannot work out my ‘pay’ over the last few years, which they have records for, as I have to send them to them on time, or I get £100 fine! I just want help, guidance and to be able to work to provide for my family, it’s not much to ask, is it? After all, they have paid 80% of most peoples wages. And don’t even get me started on the bike vouchers. £2bn added to their ‘costs’ for another load of people to get paid and a few to exploit the system.

I know VAT, taxes etc will go up to pay for this so not only will I have to pay out more to get their cash back I haven’t received anything in return. Disgruntled is an understatement, how many people will now do ‘cash in hand’ jobs, no tax to pay, no VAT to add, no money to HMRC which means they will lose out in the long run. Pissed off right now again.

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