COVID-19 has tried and tested me in many ways

I’m not one to speak publicly about how I’ve been affected. I’m a proud man, a private man, a good man.

COVID-19 has tried and tested me in many ways, first of all on March 24th I was in a job that had a £21k basic, with £500-1k commission a month selling bathrooms. I had fixed hours.  I’d DJ around 3 times a month for £500 or so on average. Annual DJ turnover is £14k.  All in all a good, steady slightly above the average income of about £30k once business expenses and tax are paid.  It was the perfect job enabling me to DJ on Saturday nights.

I was put on Furlough.

At first, I genuinely thought ‘fucking AMAZING‘ I’m being paid to be off work! I had some odd DIY jobs to do to keep me busy, such as landscape the garden, build a fence as a bush fell down, build a pergola. All of this money was spent on the credit card as I naively thought this would be a 3-month thing as per Government original guidelines.

No problem!

3 months later, I’ve been made redundant, all my gigs have been postponed till next year (short term issue) and I’ve secured a new job at a £5k pay cut on the basic

I’ve lost about £7k in DJ work and another £3k on the furlough lay and redundancy.

I bit the bullet and applied for a bounceback loan yesterday for £3.5k.

That’s the bad news,

The amazing news is I’m always a blue sky thinker and whilst financially its been fucking awful.

Mentally it’s been invigorating. In March, my boy was 6 months old. He would cry when I tried to feed him, as he was on booby milk and he is a fussy fucker!

He wouldn’t let me play with him very much as mum is so much better at games than daddy.  She’s a primary school teacher and an amazing mummy!

She taught me how to properly interact with him and now 4 months later I’m a totally different person. He comes to me if he’s sad and mummy isn’t around and he falls asleep in my arms. Nothing has made me prouder.

So whilst Coronavirus is terrible and it crippled me financially. The relationship its enabled me to develop with my infant son is priceless and it’s only spurred me to be more motivated for success for 2021 and beyond!

Robert Facer

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