#LightItRed – 30th September 2020

“Now, more than ever, the live events industry needs to stand together! 

On September 30th, the industry the world over will Stand As One in a global day of action.

Across the globe from 8pm local time, thousands of venues and places of work will #LightItInRed alongside unique projections, art installations and outreach to government officials and media to raise awareness and drive change.”

Source: We Make Events – https://www.wemakeevents.com/global-action-day

Save Dj Entertainment are joining the campaign and spreading the word so that more people can get involved to raise the profile of the campaign and hopefully get some form of support for our struggling industry that has been seemingly forgotten.

We want DJs to get involved and spread the word, we are part of the entertainment industry and we need our voices to be heard!

so what do you need me to do?

Grab your lights and light something up in red from 8pm on Wednesday 30th September 2020

Maybe you could speak to your venues or local buildings and see if they would be happy for you to light up their building to support the campaign. Of course they are in the same boat too! 

Don’t worry if you can’t get a venue or building on side though, you can always light up your house or your storage unit, anything really!

Post your pictures on social media along with your story about how the whole situation is affecting you, on your post use the following hashtags:
#SaveDjEntertainment #LightItRed #WeMakeEvents #SaveDjCulture

You could also tag Save Dj Entertainment in your posts, we’d love to share them!

but why are we doing it?

To let the press and the public know what is happening and how this is affecting our industry – the entertainment industry.

We need to keep pushing and creatively express to our governments that our industry exists and that we are struggling. We need some form of support.

We also need to make them realise the huge contribution we bring to the economy.

We need to raise awareness of our campaigns and of our individuals who are suffering through this very tough time. The entire events industry are collectively uniting as one.

a handful of images from a previous #lightitred

don't forget there's other things you can do to support your industry too

If you can’t light something up on the day, please don’t worry.

Instead you could:

  • Wear something red and post a photo on social media and use the hashtags
  • Change your profile pictures and cover photos on your social media channels tor red, we have created some downloadable images for you to use and show your support, please don’t forget the hashtags!
  • Write to your local MP using our template and lobby the government to try and raise awareness of our struggling industry and try to gain some support
Remember if you are doing any of these, spread the word by posting it all across your social media channels including your business pages too! 

download the social media images / videos

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Find your MP and contact them TODAY to help support the #saveDJentertainment campaign!

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