So what CAN you do?

When it comes to understanding what type of DJ work you CAN undertake during the Coronavirus, clarity is very thin on the ground so we took the opportunity to ask our MP, and here's the reply we got...

Social media is awash with stories of DJs working at garden parties, in pubs, bars and at venues and that can be very frustrating if you’re sat at home twiddling your thumbs waiting for the Government to suddenly announce that we can get back to work.

We are a step closer to that magical moment, the latest advice released by the Government last week with regards to weddings is a positive step forward and certainly one we shouldn’t dismiss out of frustration.

I was talking with my MP about some of my own frustrations and took the opportunity to ask some questions, and here are the replies I got…

Is it safe to assume the guidance with regards to “no garden parties”, “no dancing”, “no loud music”, etc. doesn’t just apply to weddings but also to other events such as birthday parties and so on?

This is to be determined by the venue, “All venues should ensure that steps are taken to mitigate the increased risk of virus transmission associated with aerosol production from raised voices, such as when speaking loudly or singing loudly, particularly in confined and poorly ventilated spaces.”

The advice tells us to read the advice for pubs/bars/restaurants and the performing arts document which is helpful to a point but the performing arts one doesn’t mention DJs specifically.

DJ’s can be considered under the umbrella term “entertainment” or “performances”

Can a DJ currently play music in a pub or bar?


Can a DJ currently host a quiz in a pub or bar?


Can a DJ currently host karaoke in a pub or bar?


So there we have it, straight from the typing fingers of Jack Loudon, Parliamentary Researcher for Tim Laughton MP for Shoreham and East Worthing.  It’s important to mention that the above answers given are for my local area and may differ to the ones you get, especially if you live in an area currently under special measures.

I hope this clarifies a few questions that may be lingering right now.  If you have any more, feel free to post them in the comments box below and we’ll ask them for you.  Alternatively, fire an email at your local MP and let us know what they say 🙂

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