FAQs for Weddings from 21st June

Siobhan Baillie MP the Chair of the Wedding APPG together with the UK Weddings taskforce, answers the FAQs of the Wedding industry and couples.

The UK Weddings Task Force

Guests & Social Distancing Measures

How many people can I have at my wedding?

From the 21st June 2021 the number of people allowed to attend your wedding will no longer be capped at 30, it will be determined upon the socially distanced capacity of the Covid Secure Venue.

If your wedding is outside, in a structure in a private garden, then the capacity is based on social distancing at 1 metre + mitigation.

Who is included in the capacity allowance for my wedding?

All in attendance are included. Guests (including children of all ages), wedding party, the couple, venue staff, suppliers etc. are all currently included. 

It is important that you speak with your venue so that guests as well as individuals working during your wedding can be taken into consideration for their risk assessment.

Do my guests have to socially distance?

Your guests are not legally required to socially dist

Can I have additional evening guests?

Yes, depending on the venue risk assessment and how many guests you have during the day compared to maximum capacity.

Do my guests need to sit at a table of 6?

No. The government has confirmed that there is no requirement for guests to be seated at socially distanced tables of 6. 

The hospitality guidelines are for traditional hospitality functions and weddings are being given a relaxation to this rule. The guidelines are/will be updated to reflect this.

Can my bridal party all get ready in the same room?

Yes, as long as there is capacity for all members of the bridal party to socially distance should they wish to.

Does a marquee count as ‘outdoors’?

For a structure to be considered ‘outdoors’ it must have 50% of its sides uncovered and must be a proper structure.

Risk Assessments

How will the venue(s) determine their capacity?

The venue(s) will complete a risk assessment which will determine their max capacity.
If your wedding is being hosted/organised by a Covid-secure venue then they will complete the risk assessment.

If your wedding is in a private garden, in a private home or on private land then whomever is organising the wedding will complete the risk assessment, for example, the bride, groom, parents or the wedding planner.

You do not have to hand in your own risk assessment, simply keep it with you for the planning of your wedding and as a point of reference, updating it as your plans progress.


Must face coverings be worn?

If your ceremony and reception are indoors then face coverings must be worn, with the exemption of the couple and the officiant during the service and while eating and drinking.

Can I have a guestbook and other items that people have to touch?

Yes, you are still able to have these items but it is advised that you also have hand sanitiser to use before and after.

Can we still have speeches

Yes, these are preferred outside but can happen inside in a well ventilated space.

Does everyone have to wear masks for photographs?

All guests, when indoors, have to wear a mask when not eating or drinking. If outdoors, marks are not required.


Does food and drink have to be served at the table?

Inside a Covid-secure venue all food and drink must be ordered and served at the table.

If no alcohol is being served then people can order at a counter/bar but all beverages and food must still be consumed at the table, even when outdoors in a Covid-secure venue.

When hosting an event in an outdoor space in a private garden, you should continue to follow the guidance set out, including providing table service, ensuring that attendees consume food and drink whilst seated.

Can my guests use a food truck at a Covid-secure venue?

You can still have your food truck at the venue but provisions would need to be made to ensure all food is ordered and served to the table by waiting staff.

Can I have a standing drinks reception?

In a Covid-secure venue, guests are able to stand up as long as they do not eat or drink whilst standing. All drinks should be consumed while seated.


Can the couple have a first dance?


Can my guests dance?

Dancing is not illegal, Michael Gove MP has voiced a ‘common sense’ approach to dancing (Good Morning Britain on 15th June 2021).

Dance floors are banned, so there can be no specific area for dancing and these areas are to be repurposed for extra seating.
Dancing indoors would require face coverings to be worn.

Can you have a band and DJ?

Yes. Absolutely.

Can I have a photobooth?

Yes. Advised that you also have hand sanitiser to use before and after.

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