The Route Back To Work

Good news from the house of commons today, of course this is still open to some changes before being publicly announced tonight but it is looking like a route back to work is finally on it’s way!

The dates are stated as “no earlier than” so please be aware that these could change but we a route ahead is finally looking viable!
21st June 2021
This is the date set for social distancing to be removed and large events / weddings to go ahead once again, we may even see smaller events going ahead before this date.
We’ll all know the final plans this evening with the PM’s public address.
Earlier than June

There is potential for us to return to work earlier than June.

Looking at Step 2 (12th April) you will notice that small Wedding receptions (15 people) are mentioned as are “event pilots”.

Looking at Step 3 (17th May) you will notice that some large events and most significant life events (30 people) are mentioned.
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