The future is bleak and I may have to fold the business

I’ve been a DJ most of this decade, I have a Friday night karaoke residency and work 2-3 other gigs (mainly weddings) per week.  I’m nearly 50 so don’t need a huge income, and my wife works as a nurse so her income covers the bills just nicely on an average month. Two years back […]

Feeling deflated AGAIN

We are a small limited company with two managing directors (myself and my wife, equal shares) but plough all the money back into the business (as good companies should) so no PAYE paid to either of us, not self-employed so no grants available whatsoever. So the smallest glimmer of hope of some work (all £30 […]

My anxiety is now going through the roof!

Hi, I’m Aaron and I own and run my company called Afterdark Entertainment. I’ve been a full-time DJ since 2017 and have steadily built my business up. I have one hotel residence in Basingstoke Hampshire. I kind of knew that we would probably go into a lockdown of some sort but I honestly didn’t think […]