about our campaign

It is amazing how quickly DJ associations, organisations and groups have united for a cause that has and will affect the DJ industry.

The landscape of DJ entertainment has changed dramatically and whilst we endure the challenges that the pandemic throws at us, everyone that relies on our industry has come out to support #saveDJentertainment.

Our goal is to lobby parliament by asking everyone associated with the DJ industry to download our template letter and send it to their local MP.

We already have responses from forwarding thinking MPs who are interested to know how they can help and we are confident that many more will back the campaign with your support; by taking action, you will help an industry that creates so many great moments and memories for every family across the UK.

The DJ industry has the stigma of being seen as a ‘bit of cash in hand work at the weekend’ type business, the reality is thousands of experienced DJ entertainers pay tax, national insurance, are PAT certified, carry out risk assessments and hold a minimum of £10m PLI, making us a legitimate business model.

Our contribution is not solely cultural, the economic impact is significant, with DJ entertainment adding £2.1 billion to the British economy and supporting over 100k self-employed, full, and part-time jobs across the UK in 2019.

It is vital that you download the letter, find your MP and send the letter TODAY.

By taking a little of your time we can help our industry colleagues that have had little or no support from Government and are struggling to look after their families.

Please look at the stories written by the many hard-working men and women who work tirelessly each weekend to provide amazing parties up and down the country.

Thank you.

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